Surface hardening of steel and cast iron

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Nitrotec® is a unique trademark registered by Aalberts Surface Technologies. Aalberts Surface Technologies is part of global industrial specialist Aalberts N.V. More than 14,000 people work for Aalberts Industries in more than 50 countries.

The Nitrotec® process transforms the surface of steel and cast iron into a highly wear-resistant surface that is strong and corrosion resistant.

For many engineers, Nitrotec® is a widely used corrosion resistant surface treatment – increasing wear resistance and providing a great finish while allowing for cost savings and other benefits.
Nitrotec® is an ideal surface treatment if you want to minimise the weight of your product, maximise the strength, expect the part to be used in harsh conditions possibly for long periods.

The Nitrotec® layer is corrosion resistant, has an attractive anthracite/black finish and is resistant to wear. Nitrotec® is an advanced form of nitrocarburation.

In recent years, in addition to the practical benefits of wear resistance, the importance of an environmentally friendly process has helped our customers achieve excellent part performance with low environmental impact. For some, this has also meant that the appearance of black finished metal parts has become an easier to accept and attractive finish.






plant in Venlo

The Nitrotec® process is carried out at our company in Venlo.

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