Suitable Steels

Sheet Steels

Mild steel through to 0.4% carbon steels e.g. CS1 -CS45 -(1010 -1045). High strength low alloy (HSLA) steels that have been alloyed with Niobium (Nb). All grades must be aluminium stabilized.Rod and bar mild steel through to 0.4% carbon steels.Spring steel 0.5 – 0.8%C e.g. CK75 (1.1248)

Rod and Bar

Mild steel through to 0.4% Carbon steels.Alloy steels, that if hardened and tempered, tempering temperature must be in excess of 610°C (1130°F) e.g. Mn -Mo (605M36) Cr -Mo (709M40) (4140) (42CrMo4) Ni -Cr -Mo (817M40) (4340) (42CrNiMo6)Case hardening steels e.g. 15Cr3 (1.7015) and 16MnCr5 (1.7131) Nitriding steels, when preferably tempered above 610°C (1130°F) e.g.31CrMoV9 (1.8519)

Unsuitable steels

Sheet:1050, 1060, 1070, 1080?HSLA alloyed with Vanadium(V) or Titanium (Ti).
Rod and Bar: Carburising grades that have nickel (Ni) additions to develop core strength e.g. 8620.

Untreatable steels

For stainless steels and alloyed chromium steel types, please refer to:

For tool steels and cast irons, technical advice from our technicians (at Aalberts Industries Material Technology) must be sought.

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