The outstanding wear resistance and significant increase of the mechanical properties have resulted in a vast application of the Nitrotec® process worldwide.

In the past, there have been many attempts to develop hardening- and/or surface treatments that result in an increase of wear resistance and improves strength and corrosion resistance at the same time. Conventional processes such as nitriding, boronizing and coatings have not always succeeded in this.

Since decades, Hauck Heat Treatment offers with Nitrotec® a solution for this challenge.  This process improves wear resistance, strength, has very good tribological characteristics and at the same time increased corrosions resistance. An additional plus is the black to anthracite surface appearance.

In addition, the aspect of little to no impact on dimensional behavior is an important criterion. In comparison to conventional heat treatment, dimensional changes are limited and narrow tolerances can be achieved. Because Nitrotec® is a thermo chemical diffusion process and no coating, growth of the parts due to the layer thickness does not occur.

It offers the industry the ultimate solution if wear resistance and strength must go hand in hand with good corrosion resistance and excellent control of dimensional and geometrical product specifications.


Hauck Heat Treatment personnel have been responsible for engineering projects worldwide and are global leaders in their areas of expertise, with internationally recognized qualifications, both academic and professional.
The expertise in the application of Nitrotec® Surface Engineering is continuously being updated and added to, alongside the incessant striving to improve the process technology. Access to this wealth of information is available to potential users of Nitrotec®.

Nitrotec® Surface Engineering is applied and approved by the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, hydraulics and actuation system providers, machinery constructors and producers of consumer goods.
Nitrotec® Surface Engineered components are found in a wide range of applications including the car, the office, the home, the hospital, in industrial switchgear and in aeroplanes.


Some examples of Nitrotec applications:


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