Nitrotec® is a worldwide trademarked Surface Engineering Process for the treatment of steels and cast irons carried out in the temperature range of 590 -740ºC using a gaseous nitrogen and carbon bearing atmosphere.

The treatments develop iron nitride surface compound layers between 5 and 50 um thick, supported by a nitrogen arbon rich diffusion zone in the substrate. By choice of treatment temperature, time and nitrogen potential of the atmosphere, the micro structure, composition and hardness of the compound layer and the sub-surface diffusion zone, are controlled. An innovative oxidation technique, combined with specially formulated aqueous quenchant and organic sealant are in corporated depending on the engineering requirements of a specific application.

Nitriding depth and hardness

Nitriding depth: 0,1 – 1,0 mm


Thickness iron oxide (Fe3O4):


1 – 4 µm


Compound layer thickness (CLT):
  • Cast iron:
  • Steel:
5 – 20 µm
15 – 50 µm
Surface hardness:



300 – 1000 HV


The hardness and layer thickness is also determined by choice of the base material.


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